The Jackson Gospel Hall is the gathering place of local believers that wish to preach the gospel message of salvation, as well as meet together to worship, teach and pray under the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to operate as a New Testament assembly following scripture as best we can. Our name, “Gospel Hall” simply refers to the paramount importance we place on spreading the good news of salvation or “gospel”. Although we are non-denominational, you can find other Gospel Halls all over the country and throughout the world that hold the same truths as we do. We are a relatively small local gathering and we practice the priesthood of all believers, meaning you won’t find a pastor or leadership board here. Responsibilities of preaching, teaching and prayer are shared among our congregation, and our leadership is derived from a body of elders which remain accountable to God. We believe that the Bible is God’s word to us and we remain grounded in its inerrant truth.